About The Punk Hotelier

Hi, I’m Leila Johnston. I give people places to dream.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have enjoyed a rich creative career. I’ve done everything from magazine editing to creative technology, comedy writing to gallery curation.

I have worked in many different areas a high level, and met lots of different kinds of people, and it feels like now is the time to share some of what I’ve learned. As we enter a new phase together, I want to use my resources to help people to enjoy life again.

My posts on this site are all about giving yourself a break. I hope you find them helpful. I will focus on the overlap between these three themes:

  • Creativity
  • Hospitality
  • Wellbeing

I develop places to dream in the outside world as well as in your head. For example, I own a lovely apartment on the coast in Fife, Scotland. You can stay there. Have a look!

Latest Articles

What if talent isn’t real?

Don’t penalise yourself, or anyone else, for lack of talent. You might think: ‘Hey! I’m an enlightened 21st century earthling, I don’t judge people!’ But listen: I think we all do this, subconsciously, all day long! Criticising people for putting visible skills and experience to work only fosters a misconception about talent that harms all of us. It also …

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Take a chance on someone

Lean closer, children. I’m going to tell you about one of the most understated secrets that keeps the world turning… ready? Most success happens because someone took a chance on someone else. The opportunities I’ve had in my career have had nothing to do with begging and chasing. Almost all of them can be traced …

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Don’t be cool

Life is a balance of the cool and the uncool. Glamour and excitement and dreary reality. Cocktails and hangovers. Magical Christmas Days and overflowing bins on Boxing Day. Mark Cleaver and Mr Darcy. From what I’ve observed, and the people I’ve met: Embracing the uncool stuff is one of the biggest indicators of success. I …

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